Our New Grand Stand!

The original grandstand built in 1969 saw a lot of good times. Photo courtesy of DeMoss Ag

Demolition of the old grandstand took place in November 2016.

Several sections of bleachers were removed and relocated into the show barn.

Virtually all the metal was sold for reuse or collected for scrap.

All bleachers and metal gone, one last night standing as a bare skeleton.

A sad sight, but necessary to build something better.

The initial concrete work for the new structure was completed in January 2017.

Truckloads of powdercoated steel framework and aluminum bleachers began arriving in March 2017.

A professional crew from RK Sports Seating began assembly as soon as the materials arrived.

Several cranes and lifts were necessary to put all the pieces in place.

Thanks to good weather and hard work, the assembly proceeded more quickly than was hoped.

The new seating area is 15 rows high like the old stands, but 20 feet longer to hold more spectators.

The professionally designed and built structure should witness many fair and community events for decades to come.

There are more stairways and an additional center entrance ramp.

May 2017, project nearly completed, made possible by a very generous gift from an anonymous donor. Photo courtesy of Kyle Maxwell

All new LED lights will light up the arena like never before and use much less electricity.

Webmaster, Tippey Designs